Tech Up Your Meetup

How to make your networking events more engaging in 2022

Tech up your meetup

Tired of awkward interactions at meetups? Wondering who is attending an event? Feeling like your guests are not mingling? One way to spice up your networking events and make them more engaging is to integrate technology into an in-person event and use a mobile ice breaker.

There are many technology platforms that provide digital icebreakers and event services for professional gatherings and meetups but only a few allow you to substantial increase your guest’s engagement while remaining extremely easy to use. Here is a list of our favorite ones:

IceBreak –

Most of them are super easy to use and only take a few minutes to set up. Icebreak is a fast, fun and engaging way for groups of people to interact with each other using their phone. It makes networking events more engaging as your guests can now meet more people and control who they connect with.

So how does it work?

Create an icebreaker for your meetup and either email a link to your guests before the event starts or have them sign-up on location by simply scanning one of the QR code located throughout the venue. Guests are asked for basic information and to snap a quick picture of themselves. Once signed-up, organizers and guests can see ahead of time a list of who is attending the networking event.

The organizer can then launch a multitude of games during the event.

“Seek me”: find the person whose picture just popped up on your phone

Or “Speed Meeting”: scan and meet as many people as possible in the next 20 min. When you scan a guest, you will see one interesting fact about that person and will have to chat for a minimum of 1 minute before moving on to the next person.

The more people you scan, the closer you are to the top of the leaderboard. Tech up your meetup The goal of each icebreaker is to give everyone 5 to 10 people to talk to without the embarrassing introduction. At the end of each conversation, guests can choose to share their contact details with that person and finally have a way to keep a digital record of the people they connected with during the event. No more piles of business cards, no more forgetting which card is who and where you have met them.

Our platform makes networking events way more engaging as it allows both you and your guests to track who is attending the event and provides a fun way to meet other attendees through quick networking games played on your phone. Guests can also control who they share their contact details with and go home with a digital record of whom they have met.